Salt Room and Sauna Therapies

When some think of quiet contemplation, the thought goes to an environment where your senses are isolated, and you can truly look inward. A unique way to embrace this thinking is to consider salt room therapies or dry saunas. Salt therapy takes lessons learned from salt caves where individuals would go to be exposed to these natural minerals’ restorative and healing attributes. There are many helpful benefits such as allergy relief, psoriasis improvement and asthma flair up reduction. Possibly more important, many users report that visits to a salt therapy room have improved their mood significantly, leaving them feeling peaceful, fresh, and completely relaxed.

Halo Spa in Nocatee Town Center is one option you might consider. Their company theme – Breath/Relax/Renew — is aligned closely with deeper contemplation. You might also think about taking in one of their chromotherapy infared dry saunas, a dry sauna experience that uses physiotherapy lights that change colors to enhance or calm mood. Bring along your favorite Bluetooth device to stream your favorite meditation or music to enhance your contemplative state.

For a sauna experience, schedule some contemplative time in Ponte Vedra Beach’s Titanium Yoga Studio’s infrared sauna. Visit their website to explore their available times.

Spa Locations

Halo Spa Location
320 Town Plaza Ave, Suite 110
Ponte Vedra, Florida

Titanium Yoga Studio and Sauna
111 Solana Road, Ste. A

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Tips From Experts

  • Use their on-line scheduling portal to make advance reservations.
  • Bring your own streaming device if there are certain sounds that can enhance your contemplative state even more.
  • Take in some of the surrounding natural environments in advance of your session to get you in a calm, relaxative state.
  • Plan to stay hydrated before and after the therapy sessions at the spa and sauna for maximum comfort.