Ponte Vedra Wellness

The Ponte Vedra region has long been recognized for its unique wellness and healing attributes, going back to the 1500’s and the explorer Ponce de Leon. The only surviving navigational reading of his Florida exploration, 30° 8’, is located near the Guana Tolomato Matanzas Reserve and marks the last known reading of Ponce de Leon’s “Journey of Discovery”. The explorer and his fabled “Fountain of Youth”, along with its magical waters, has long been associated with its restorative abilities. Today, a wide range of wellness experiences welcomes visitors to Ponte Vedra and provides an updated version of these historic qualities. Let us help you partake on the diversity of wellness opportunities and guide you in recharging on your Ponte Vedra visit.

On your Ponte Vedra visit, we want you to think: Rejuvenate, Nourish, Contemplate and Evaluate. Whether your focus is on just one area, or you want to indulge in all “ways of wellness” continue on to see how you can embrace Ponte Vedra Wellness.


Whether you’re into yoga, spas or overall fitness, let us show you how to have “rejuvenation” as part of your Ponte Vedra experience.


Nourishing your body is a critical element of wellness, whether you’re looking for a healthy dining experience, or a fresh beach picnic, these Ponte Vedra options won’t disappoint.


We all need “down time” to reduce the stress of day-to-day life, and these experiences can help you use your visit to calm your mind and return home in a more relaxed state.


Ponte Vedra is located in one of the healthiest counties in Florida– mainly due to the amazing array of medical experts, facilities and educational resources in the region – here are options to consider.