Music at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall

Music can often be an important element that reinforces a contemplative state of mind and can be slow and reflective or active and uprising. The Ponte Vedra Concert Hall is a venue that might provide an experience that helps contemplation on your Ponte Vedra trip. Built from the foundation of an old Baptist church in 2011, it repurposed its sacred spaces and provides a unique venue to take in a musical experience.

The venue hosts over 140 concerts and events each year, thus likely providing a musical opportunity no matter when you visit. Musical acts range from folk, jazz, rock, and blues, providing a diverse mix that relates to many different audiences. Make sure to go to their website in advance of your trip to see who is coming and maybe even schedule your trip around an act that is particularly interesting.

Even if you aren’t going to a specific concert, consider going by the Concert Hall and taking in its unique architecture and grounds. You might bring your own contemplative music, put your earbuds in and enjoy music as you are taking in the exterior areas of the Hall. The facility abuts Cornerstone Park which also has areas you can enjoy and its positioning along A1A makes it very easy to find.

Ponte Vedra Concert Hall Location and Hours

Ponte Vedra Concert Hall
1050 A1A North
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
Hours vary depending on the concert or event
Onsite parking is available

Tips From Experts

  • Make sure to consider this experience in advance of your trip to better ensure ticket availability and the ability to schedule around an act that is particularly attractive.
  • Go to the Concert Hall website to get all the information you need regarding door times, food & beverage availability, ADA availability or camera and backpack rules.
  • The Concert Hall characterizes itself as an “authentically intimate” venue, so book early to get seats that maximize this intimate experience.
  • Plans call for expanding the Hall and additional seating options will be accompanied by improved acoustics, sound and lighting. Operations plan to pause in early 2024 during construction.